About Us

Who The Hell Are You?

Hey folks! I'm Dan and I built BestArkHosting.com after my little brother asked me for help with hosting an ARK server for him and his friends. I've played ARK myself at the beginning of the game, but coming back many things have changed and so my brother and I needed to do a little research, and we found out there's quite a lot of stuff you need to consider. Last time I rented a game server it was for Call Of Duty. Yes, the first Call Of Duty. Back then things were a bit limited and everybody knew where to find the best place to host your server. Nowadays gaming is not only for geeks, and everybody are a bit more proficient with computers. As a result, there's also been an explosion of game server hosting companies.

Alright so what did you do?

Trying to find your way through the sea of hosting companies is hard, and since most companies host dozens or even hundreds of games, it's kinda hard to find information about your specific game. Of course there are other sites that may help you find your way, but they either don't give you enough information or are simply being shady, deceiving and misleading their customers.

For my brother, I needed to know if hosts had an easy mod manager UI, what's the minimum amount of slots and price per slot and if there's a refund policy. It was very frustrating going to each host and searching for it myself or waiting for them to answer my tickets, but I had no other choice.

So why did you build this website?

I had a small spreadsheet where I wrote the information about each company, and didn't think about sharing it until I saw that the company we chose had an affiliate program and it could help pay for the server. I realized I can use the data I collected and share it, and in turn if the companies run an affiliate program, I'll sign up and make a few bucks. So I built this site, and when you click through our site to get to the hosting company, I will get a small percentage of what you purchase from them, if you purchase.

Ah! knew it! You're just trying to make money off me...

I know how you feel. I hate it when websites push me to buy things just to get a commission. I firmly believe in providing the best possible experience for the visitors of this site and that's what will make this site successful and give me a fuzzy feeling inside some people call happiness. Notice that there's no ads on this site? That's because I know you hate them, and because of the above, I don't need just to make some extra cash. Also, there's not point in me promoting a shitty host because it gives me more money, because you'll probably just get a refund and I won't get any commissions. The only way of getting compensation is truly helping you find a good host. It's a win-win situation.

Besides, I had to go through lots of hosting companies websites, manually extracting data from their site, build this website in my free time, pay for server hosting, advertise it on google, bing, reddit and steam communities so people can find it, write articles to actually help you how to choose. I've worked quite a bit for the past few months and it's all free for you :)

So yeah, I'm making some money from this site but know that my #1 priority is helping you guys to find what you need without investing too much time. If you find wrong information, have a suggestion for my site to make it more useful, feel something is fishy, or just really have that thing you wanna say, please don't hesitate to send me an email at hey@bestarkhosting.com.

I found an error in your data! you say the price is X but it is really Y

Well aren't you sharp eyed!
First of all apologies for the mistake. My aim is for the data for all hosts is to be 100% accurate at all times, but since most of the work keeping the data up to date is manual, I sometimes miss an update here and there. Please let me know by sending a message to hey@bestarkhosting.com and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

How to add your company

Since I built this site, I got a few requests from companies wanting me to add them to our database. I was very excited that they are actually contacting me and decided to build a way for them to send me their data without too much hassle, so if you represent such company, head over to this page to get more information on how to get featured.